Dear Oscar Nominee,

Congratulations on your nomination for an Academy Awards 2022. According to media reports, I understand that as a nominee you have received a gift pack that contains, among other things, a purported gift of a plot of land (perhaps just a square foot) in Scotland from a company called Highland Titles and the right to be styled Lord or Lady of Glencoe.

You may be wondering what this is all about. Let me explain.

First and foremost, you are not the owner of any land in Scotland despite what this company might have led you to believe. See Section 22 of the Land Registration (Scotland) Act 2012. (1)

You have also not been given any right to style yourself Lord or Lady of Glencoe. Highland Titles has no authority or power to bestow such a title on you.

You have a piece of paper (several probably) with impressive sounding claims and illustrations. They remain just pieces of paper, however and provide you with nothing more than that.

Highland Titles Ltd. is not a conservation organisation. It owns some land including part of a National Nature Reserve and it plants some trees and puts up some bird boxes. The company’s purpose, however, is to enrich those involved with it. Highland Titles put up in excess of £100,000 for a company it then supported (Wildcat Haven Enterprises CIC) to sue me for defamation claiming £750,000 in damages. I won and in the process learnt quite a bit about Highland Titles business model. Believe me, they appear to be making very substantial sums of money and spending very little of it on any meaningful conservation work.

The plot you purportedly own is not in Glencoe. It is 20 miles away in Duror.

Highland Titles Ltd. is not a Scottish conservation organisation. It is a company based in the secrecy jurisdiction of Guernsey.

The office of Highland Titles in Scotland is located in Lochaber and is part of a larger property owned by Quexus Ltd. a company registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Highland Titles was a registered trademark to another company called Highland Titles Ltd registered in the British Virgin Islands but transferred in 2019 to Highland Titles Ltd. (Guernsey)

Beware that “Lord of Glencoe” and “Lady of Glencoe” were registered trademarks to a company called Highland Titles Ltd. registered in the British Virgin Islands but transferred in 2020 to Highland Titles OU registered in Estonia.

Highland Titles Ltd., being registered in a secrecy jurisdiction and despite owning land in Scotland is not obliged to publish annual reports or accounts and thus its affairs cannot be scrutinised or challenged.

You can read some more about Highland Titles in a blog I published in 2015 (2)

If you wish to help the conservation of Scottish habitats and species there are a range of organisations that would welcome support. The vast majority of them are members of Scottish Environment Link and you can see them all here.



  1. Keep up the good work.


  2. Graham Marshall

    What do we need to do to stop this iniquitous trade?


  3. Scott MacDonald

    That’s a great explanation Andy! Keep up the great work!


  4. Brilliant 👍🏽👍🏽


  5. This is exactly what’s needed to be written in order to expose these charlatans for what they are Andy.
    I find this form of tom foolery incredibly insulting to the people of this country.
    I’ve sworn many a time about how our land and the people are treated by these kind of f*****s and it needs to stop toot sweet.


  6. Well, Goddess Mira V M Vanderbilt of Andromeda and Further Regions who resides in Trinidad, Caribbean is the LEGAL Owner of Earth and has returned here to find that some scammers were trying to sell some Land to people living on Earth. No human or reptilian is authorized to sell land. So it is good that you straighten things properly.


  7. Thanks for that Andy. This is akin to these NFT’s that seem all the rage which are accompanied by copyright theft on a huge scale.


  8. Excellent response. Your work, dedication and integrity on this matter is an inspiration to us all. Thank you.


  9. Thankyou 👏👏👏👏


  10. Thanks Andy,
    Once again inspirational and exact . This will be forwarded to as many folk as I can manage, blessings on your great work, Alyne


  11. Andy, good to see your old self back


  12. Lord Jack Spencer of Glencoe

    I saw their advert. They do base it on Scottish law.
    It is quite straightforward in my opinion though.
    And there is also a deed accompanying the change of title.


  13. Hi Andy, I’ve just seen this video titled ‘Established Titles Scam – YouTube’ s BIGGEST Con ‘

    It reminded me of your work highlighting the similarly named Highland Titles, which prompted me to look you up and see what the latest was.

    Are you aware of this Established Titles mob? Is it the Highland Titles mob rebranded? Seems like an identical scam.


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