I will be putting my name forward as an Independent candidate in the 2021 Scottish Parliament election for the Highlands and Islands Region. From the end of March, my home will be in Lochaber.

Holyrood needs more independent voices. Over the past 5 years, I have campaigned successfully on a range of issues.

As an MSP (2016-21), I led the successful legal challenge in the European Court of Justice that ruled that Article 50 could be unilaterally revoked.

I launched the Homes First campaign to better regulate short-term lets and led opposition to the latest regulations that affect Bed and Breakfast businesses.

I introduced a Bill to incorporate the European Charter of Local Self-Government to strengthen local democracy. It will be voted on at its final stage in Parliament within the next few weeks.

I have championed tenants’ rights and the need for more affordable housing.

As a long-standing land campaigner (author of Who Owns Scotland 1996 & The Poor Had No Lawyers 2010), a focus of my election campaign will be a Land for the People Bill to reform Scotland’s antiquated land laws and democratise the ownership and use of land and property.

In the coming days I will launch a crowdfunder and later in March I will formally launch my campaign.

It is very hard to be elected as an Independent candidate. I will need 12-15,000 votes across the Highlands and Islands.

I will be relying on a grassroots campaign of supporters who are able to mobilise voters by word of mouth and social media.

If you support my candidacy, please tell your friends and family. Very soon I will be offering you ways to get involved in the campaign.

Meanwhile, thank you for your support.


  1. Hi Andy

    I’m in Ayrshire but happy to help where I can, best o luck



  2. Paul Derbyshire (AKA_Arthur)

    Good to hear you’re trying to continue and I wish you well. As a ScotGP member, I was very sad to hear of your decision to step down as a Green MSP and your talks on Land Reform to party members will long live in my memory; your eloquence and understanding of the issues Scotland faces on land is huge and that voice must be heard at Holyrood.


  3. Good luck Andy


  4. Absolutely over the moon about this! When we need it most, thank you so much for standing up!


  5. Jeannie Mackenzie

    Delighted you are standing, just sorry I don’t live in your region. I would be pleased to donate to your fund raiser.


  6. ‘Great news, Andy! ‘Best of luck with this! I’m only sorry I won’t be able to vote for you in Lothian.


  7. Good luck


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  9. Laura Cameron-Lewis

    Well done Andy! I am so pleased to hear this, and you would be a wonderful representative in Highlands and Islands. We really need people in Parliament who can fight for the issues that matter to us, like: creating more crofts for young families, retaining population, homes not empty ‘second’ properties but allow people actually living here to manage sustainable tourism, decentralising big jobs and institutions so we can live and work here, Gaelic culture and democracy where we can make decisions about our own communities. It’s ironic that Scottish Independence is often thought of as a centralising of everything in Glasgow and Edinburgh – we need the Islands and Highlands to have a much bigger say and control in the issues that affect us. I know you’ll be keen to tackle all of this, and I can’t think of a more principled and devoted person to do this. Good luck!


  10. Hello Andy,
    I’m really sorry that your attempt to have an open debate on an issue that is, for many of us, a complex issue, not easy to fully understand, has led to your parting from the Green Party. I am not in Highland Region (am in Portobello) but strongly support your intention to become an Independent MSP. I would like to contribute financially.
    I’m impressed with your work on Land Reform in Scotland.
    Best wishes – Richard


  11. I live in the Lothians so won’t be able to vote for you, but I’m looking forward to donating money to your campaign!


  12. Joan Grant-Reid

    Can I ask your stance on Scottish Independence and a second referendum


    • I support the right of the Scottish people to determine their constitutional future. I am open-minded about the date of a second referendum.


      • So if it comes to an independence minded coalition involving SNP and Greens would you be part of that? I want to give you my vote but I don’t want to risk the Unionist parties being able to say that the Scottish people don’t want another Indy ref…


  13. Audrey Maceachen

    Welcome to Lochaber. I am a long term member of the SNP and will be giving Kate Forbes my first vote as I feel the SNP are the party which are most likely to deliver Independence. Please give your reasons why I should give you my second vote. Thank you


  14. Hello Andy. I discovered you’d resigned from the Scottish Green Party via the Raptor Persecution website. I hadn’t heard anything about the issues elsewhere, but I was a) sorry to hear that the only party I’ve voted for over the last five years has become so intolerant and so focussed on isssues which are NOT central to adressing the climate catastrophe; b) heartened to know that there are still politicians with enough integrity that they are willing to follow their conscience rather than toe the party line; and c) VERY happy that you will be standing in my constituency in May’s elections. I look forward to doing what I can to support your campaign.


  15. Sorry Andy, I really admire your work on raptor persecution in Scotland and as a Mull resident was going to vote for you but the position you have taken in the Salmond inquiry given the Hamilton conclusions has changed all that.


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