Donald Trump

This page contains information about my report on Donald Trump’s golf course development at Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire together with other useful resources. Please also see all the blog posts on the topic which contain a lot of further information.

Download the report here (9Mb pdf)

Press Release 15 May 2011

Video of the background to report.

Some damning footage of Donald Trump from US Satellite TV programme “Donald Trump’s Fabulous World of Golf” [link broken 28 Feb 2024 – will try to restore as soon as possible]

Letter of 4 March 2009 from Dundas & Wilson behalf of Trump International requesting that Aberdeenshire Council exercise powers of compulsory purchase. (1.7Mb pdf)

Draft Statement of Reasons prepared by Dundas and Wilson (4.3Mb pdf)

Letter of 7 April 2009 from Christine Gore, Director of Planning to Ann Faulds, Dundas and Wilson in relation to proposed new planning application designed to ease the way for compulsory purchase. (668kb pdf)

Letter of 12 October 2010 sent to David & Moira Milne by Dundas and Wilson CS LLP

Invoice of 21 December 2010 sent to Milnes by Trump Organisation for erecting new fence on boundary (737kb pdf)

Donald Trump letter to Alex Salmond February 2012

Planning consents for Menie Estate – go to Aberdeenshire Council website and type “Menie” in <site address> field or “dundas” in <agent> field. There are 3 pages of applications. The approved masterplan is here.

Martin Ford, 2011. Deciding the Fate of a Magical, Wild Place. Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies, vol. 4 (2), pp. 33-74