I am a writer, researcher, analyst, commentator and activist on issues of land, power, governance, democracy and money. Over the past 20 years I have undertaken a wide range of work on land tenure, landownership, land reform and, more recently community land rights, governance and the hegemonic dimensions of land relations.

I studied forestry at Aberdeen University and spent some time working as an environmental scientist before becoming self-employed in 1992. In 1996 I wrote Who Owns Scotland (Canongate) and in 1999 wrote a short rant called Scotland: Land & Power. The Agenda for Land Reform in Scotland (Luath.

Since 2000, I have developed interests in common land, community land rights and questions of governance, power and money. An example of this interest was a survey and analysis of the common good of Scotland’s burghs and the story of its ongoing maladministration.

In 2010, I wrote The Poor had No Lawyers (Birlinn), an attempt to provide an historical analysis of the land question and to reinvigorate debate around land relations. I remain hopeful of success in countering hegemonic landed power in all its guises. I served as an MSP 2016-2021.

My big project is www.whoownsscotland.org.uk. Please take a look


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What with growing concerns about income inequality, bankers’ bonuses, and tax avoidance by the rich, I though I should join a couple of my self-employed writer/activists colleagues (George Monbiot andAlastair McIntosh) and make an annual declaration of interests and income.

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(to be updated after lull whilst I was an MSP)