Common Good Mapping

I’ve been receiving information from Local Authorities in response to my latest Freedom of Information request for details of Common Good Funds. Without having carried out any detailed analysis, it is clear that many Councils still have not properly audited their Common Good Fund and checked that all the property that should be in it is in fact recorded. Two things are obvious from this.

First of all, all those with an interest in the Common Good need to create a better way of communicating with each other. So, I have set up a Google Group. This will enable folk in the group to email each other easily and share ideas. Here is the Group home page.

Secondly, we need to map Common Good land ourselves. This is quite easy using Google Maps and I have made a start with Edinburgh and Glasgow. Anyone who wants to join in can do so as a collaborator – contact me if you’re interested. Meanwhile, here’s what the Edinburgh maps looks like so far (actually, it should shaded overlays of Common Good land but some browsers don’t seem to show it properly – anyway, click on the link below the map and you’ll see it in a bigger window. [links broken – November 2023]