Community Land Rights. A Citizen’s Guide

Following the publication of Common Good. A Quick Guide (8Mb pdf) in December 2007, I indicated that I was writing a more substantial volume on common land rights and how to research them. It’s taken me longer than expected but last weekend at Treefest, I launched Community Land Rights. A Citizen’s Guide.

It is the first comprehensive overview of land rights that belong to communities in Scotland. It focuses on the range of common land that exists throughout rural and urban Scotland and provides a how-to guide to undertaking research into common good land, commonties, commons and other forms of commonly held land. The Guide explains how to use sources such as the Register of Sasines, Land Valuation Survey 1909 and the National Farm Survey to identify community land rights as the first stage in a process of asserting and restoring rights that belong to the people.

[EDIT Nov 2023 – this publication is in the process of being prepared for digital publication]