Access to Inverleith Park

Further news about the access situation at the Taste of Edinburgh event in Inverleith Park at Guardian blog posted at 1552 hours today.

Since then I have had a further response from the Council claiming that access rights are exempted under Section 6(d) of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003. This is getting  bit desparate. Section 6(d) relates to acts such asthose covering railways and military land. I do not (and never have) denied that the Council have the power to lease the park. I merely claim that no-one has any rights to erect fences and block public access unless the land is exempt under any part of Section 6 or unless and Section 11 order has been issued (it hasn’t). Thus the fences are unlawful and shoud be removed and no-one has any lawful right to obstruct any citizen exercising their legal rights of access across the site.