Scotland Bill and the Crown Estate II

Following previous posts (click on “Crown Estate” in category list on the right) pointing to the scrutiny of the Scotland Bill by the Scotland Bill Committee of the Scottish Parliament, it is time to get ready for the process at Westminster.

The Scotland Bill is Westminster legislation and will be scrutinised, debated and passed in London. The Scottish Parliament is merely deciding what its view shall be on the Bill.

The next stage in the campaign to repatriate the administration and revenues of Scotland’s Crown rights is to submit written evidence to the Scottish Affairs Committee in Wesminster who are holding an inquiry into the Scotland Bill. Deadline for written submissions is 31 January.

Second Reading of the Scotland Bill is on 27 January in Westminster. See Scotland Bill page here [link broken July 2024] where you can sign up for updates. The Bill will then go before Committee – a committee of the whole house since it is a constitutional bill – and there should be a further opportunity to submit evidence.

Anyone wanting to keep up to date with this campaign should email me at and I will add you to the circulation list.

My evidence to Scotland Bill Committee of Scotland Parliament is here.