The Spin on Salmond’s Speech

For the record (and bearing in mind this is written by a spin doctor), here is the opening from Scottish Land & Estate’s e-newsletter of 1 June 2012.

“This has been a very busy week indeed, it started with our AGM on Tuesday, included a flurry of press activity, and ended with us signing off the latest edition of LandBusiness magazine this morning, just in time for it to be printed and ready for the Royal Highland Show at the end of the month.

The AGM was the real highlight of the week, with First Minister Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP delivering a resounding endorsement of the role of landowners, estates, farmers and rural business owners in Scotland. Mr Salmond’s speech was forward thinking and very encouraging and was the most positive endorsement of the role that we play in Scotland by any politician from any party for a very long time.”

Feedback from landowners who attended was also very positive.