Academic inquiry into land relations

Rather surprisingly, there is very little scholarship on land relations in Scotland. There are a few academic papers  on some topics (such as the legals scholarship of Malcolm Combe) but much less than I certainly think there should be. So it is welcome to note the arrival of a new book (further information here) by Fiona MacKenzie from Carleton University in Ottowa. Fiona has a deep interest in ideas of place and identity in a globalising world and has conducted research in Scotland over many years. Her new book is a masterly account of what community means in the context of land relations in the Outer Hebrides. It is available to order directly from the publisher at a 20% discount (further details of the book and order form here).

Another book to look forward to is from another scholar from outwith Scotland, Andrea Loux Jarman from  Bournemouth University. Her book Custom, Community and Common Land provides an in depth historical study of community land rights in Scotland’s towns from 1707 to the present day. it is due to be published by Dundee University Press in early 2014.