Scottish Government’s Spatial Datasets

Eighteen months ago I asked the Scottish Government for details of all the spatial datasets it held. From conversations I have had over the past year, it is clear that it would be useful to share this more widely and so here is the information that was released to me. It is correct as of September 2012 and consists of four files – descriptions of which are given below with links to the files themselves. Further information on some of these datasets and links to where you can download some of them are provided on the website here.

Doc. Name


Brief description


Marine Scotland Metadata is in zipped folders – ID numbers correspond to spreadsheet. Folders will be empty for those records marked NR, NUD or SDME (see key).




Marine Scotland spatial data list is an Excel spreadsheet (with Key).


SG (6Mb)


Scottish Government XML metadata files.

SG Spatial Data – Current Holding.xls


Scottish Government spatial data holding list