Public Information for Lords and Ladies of Wildernesse

Reader of this blog will be familiar with Highland Titles and Wildcat Haven Enterprises. The latter, with the financial support of the former, took legal action against me for defamation and lost. Last year, I reported on the demise of Highland Titles Ltd. and its re-incarnation as Scottish Highlands Ltd. selling souvenir plots entitling purchases to style themselves Lords and Ladies of the Glen. Lords and Ladies of Glencoe are no more!

Having lost the defamation action and owing me over £60,000, I pursued Wildcat Haven Enterprises CIC for the debt. As a consequence, the Directors took action to wind up the company in a action of voluntary creditor liquidation which is still ongoing.

Wildcat Haven Enterprises CIC had sold thousands of souvenir plots and the “right” to style oneself Laird of Wilderness from a 4ha plot of land overlooking Loch Loyne gifted to them by Highland Titles in 2015 (map below).

It was this plot of land and the souvenir plot sales that I wrote about in the two blogs (Sep 2015 and Feb 2016) that were the subject of the legal action

Part of the job of the liquidator is to realise there assets of the company. Wildcat Haven Enterprises CIC only had one asset of any consequence which was the 4ha of land. I was asked by the liquidator whether I wanted this land.

It had occurred to me that I could have withdrawn my creditor claim by offering to take over Wildcat Haven Enterprises CIC. I could then have offered all the plot holders (the Lords and Ladies of Wilderness) the opportunity to acquire the company for a fee which, if enough of them took up the offer, would have gone some way to setting the company’s debt to me. In the process, the Lords and Ladies would have become real owners of their souvenir plots albeit buy virtue of their ownership of the company that owned the 4ha.

In the end I said, no thanks.

Instead, Scottish Highlands Ltd. bought the land for £12,500 in November 2023.

This leaves the Lords and Ladies of Wildernesse with a new landlord and raises some questions for them.

Can they now style themselves as Lords and Ladies of the Glen?

What happens to the personal right they had acquired from Wildcat Haven Enterprises CIC? Presumably it is now null and void (being a personal right).

Do they still have any legal right to their souvenir plot?

Were any of them consulted before the land they bought was sold to Scottish Highlands Ltd.?

Do any of them even care?